Something I learned a long time ago is that FEAR and TAKING ACTIONS can co-exist.

Often, we want to take an action, and we are stopped by fear. This is natural.

But if you can separate fear from action, you can take an action regardless of the fear.

This is a very powerful ability. Fear stops us from doing so many things we really want to do.

It is okay to have fear. It is so natural. And it is possible to do something you really want to do regardless of that fear.

For instance, I am starting a new business and have a fear that people won’t take me seriously, and that I won’t have any credibility. This thinking can stop you in your tracks.

But my desire to make a success of this new business is huge. And I know the actions that I have to take to make it happen.

I can take those steps, take those actions, even though I have a fear of failure or embarrassment. 

What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen?

Weigh those two things. Isn’t it worth taking a risk to reach your dreams?


Fear is just an emotion! Those come and go. They don’t have to stop us.

Next time you want to take a step toward your dream, and those thoughts start creeping into your head telling you why you can’t or shouldn’t bother, take your action anyway!

Allow FEAR and ACTION to live side by side! They CAN co-exist!!!

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