Who ARE You?

Did you ever wonder who you are? I think we all wonder that at some point in our lives. Maybe every day! 🙂

There are so many ways to answer that question. Are you what you do? Teacher, mother, swimmer? Are you who you are to other people? a good mother, a caring daughter, a fun friend?

There are so many layers to who we are–especially who we REALLY are.

If I asked someone who knows me, “Who am I?”, I might be surprised at the answers if they are honest. I don’t think we can ever really know how other people see us. There are the obvious adjectives, nice, generous, smart. But what about the characteristics that our friends and family see, that we DON’T see about ourselves? The ones that they don’t always share with us–perhaps not to hurt our feelings, or to avoid a confrontation.

I like to think that who I really am is not always what is showing. My hopes, my dreams, my commitment to be a better person, my striving for inner peace and contentment in my life–these are on the inside.  How can anyone else know what is on my inside? Therefore, how can they really know ME?

The total person is many things. What you do, feel and think; how others perceive you; your dreams and goals; what you want your life to mean; what you stand for; what you strive for.

Who you are is an evolving you. Your life is a journey that continually changes you. Hopefully, you never stop learning and evolving.

There is no one else like you! You are unique! You are whole, perfect, and the best YOU that you can be.

We can spend a lifetime searching for the “real” me or trying to define who we are. And that is part of life. But revel in the fact that you ARE, right now in the present, and YOU ARE GREAT!

Find 3 things to be grateful for today!

Barbara Ganin


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