Having A Life You Love, Part II: What Do You Really Want?

Now, what are those things you really want to do that you aren’t doing?

There are obvious answers like “I wish I could go rafting more” or “I wish I had become a doctor” or “I wish I had time to exercise every day.”

It may sound simple to ask yourself what will make you happier in life,  but it can be very tough to figure that out.

We are so busy doing what is expected of us, and taking the path of least resistance, that maybe we never figured out what we really want. Perhaps you will need to dig deep to define your dreams. Or maybe you have a bucket list already.

Think about what might make you happier or more content in life. Set some goals for yourself. When you reach them, you might discover that it isn’t really what makes you happy, but that’s okay. Eliminating something from your list is good too! It gets you closer to what you really want. This is a process!

Before anything can change, you have to believe that you deserve to be happy. That belief propels you forward. If you don’t always feel deserving, find someone in your life who believes in you! I have my own “go-to” people that encourage me to reach for my dreams. Even if I can’t see possibility for myself, or if I feel fear or feel “stuck”, they remind me that I deserve to be happy and that I have the tools to move myself closer to my dreams! And it makes a big difference!

The combination of a drive to have a great life, a set of clear goals, and seeing the possibility that you can reach your goals, is truly motivating! These three things will call you to action! And when you start taking action, anything is possible!

Find three things to be grateful for today!

Barbara Ganin


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