Having A Life You Love, Part I: What Are You Putting Up With?

Have you ever thought about what it would take for you to have a life you love?   

When we are feeling discontent with our lives, or unhappy, I can sometimes boil it down to two things:

1-the things we put up with and tolerate that we don’t want in our lives, and

2-the things we really want to do that we aren’t pursuing in our lives

We all usually have some combination of these. No one has a perfect life. We are always trying to improve the quality of our lives, feel empowered, and reach our dreams. And we all want to feel connected or related to other people.

If we contemplate all of the things we are putting up with in our lives, the things that we would like to change, it can be overwhelming  and make us feel powerless. It’s too much at once!  So I encourage you NOT to do that.

Just give some thought to what change, even a small change, you can make in your life that might brighten it up, or make it easier. Maybe a small request you can make of someone in your life, asking them to make a small change that would make you happier.

If you approach most people in a calm way, and make a request of them in a way that allows them to say “No”, they are more apt to want to give you what you want. If you do this with anger, you almost never get the result you hope for.

You deserve to have a life you love! It may take a while to get there, but you DO deserve it! And you can have the life you want if you start believing that.

Find three things to be greateful for today!

Barbara Ganin


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